PodTube - Publish your Videos as a Podcast.

Fully automated and hassle-free!

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For your audience


Your content - everywhere, anytime

Unlike is the case with videos, you can listen to your Podcasts safely while (e.g) driving, jogging, exercising, or tidying.


YouTube Red features right now already!

On a smartphone, your Podcast can be played without hassle in the background and offline. Offer this functionality to your audience today, at no extra cost !


For you as creator


Expand your reach

Using the Podcast format, there are many more ways to spread your content, for example via iTunes, Stitcher and others. Through these services, you will gain exposure to a much larger target audience.


Set yourself apart from the competition

At present, few video creators offer a Podcast to their audience. Stand out from the crowd with your Podcast !


No extra work, thanks to full automation

Just upload your videos via PodTube. They will automatically upload on YouTube, and get converted into - and published as - audio Podcasts.

Here is how it works

  • Link your YouTube and SoundCloud accounts to PodTube (your password remains secret).
  • Upload your video to PodTube, choose title, description, and tags.
  • The video is automatically uploaded to YouTube, converted into the right audio format, and simultaneously added to SoundCloud.
  • In addition to YouTube and SoundCloud, many other video- and audio services will be supported.


PodTube is free of charge!

Public Beta


  • A Podcast
  • One user
  • Unlimited episodes
  • New functions added continuously


Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of videos is the Podcast format suitable for ?

You can publish your videos as Podcasts so long as they are comprehensible without pictures. This often includes interviews, reviews, question-and-answer videos, or opinion videos. In case your videos do not fall into these categories, you can often make them so by briefly describing the contents to your listeners.


I already have a Podcast which I publish on YouTube. What extra benefits does PodTube offer ?

With PodTube, you only have to upload each episode once. It will then be automatically converted into the proper format, and uploaded to YouTube as well as your Podcast hosting service.


Which Podcast hosting services are supported?

We support SoundCloud and LibSyn. Support for other services (like blubrry, podcaster.de, and others) is in the planning stages.